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Access Control

Access control installations

Southern Electrical Installations Ltd can install and maintain a modern access control system for your home or business.

We can supply the most up to date and modern systems.

The applications for our systems can range from a domestic house to large business premises with hundreds of staff members.

Access Control Equipment

Our large systems can be networked and controlled from Personal Computers.

This enables complete flexibility and control over who is gaining access to your secure spaces.

Talk to us for more information on an access control system that will fully accommodate your unique needs.

Wiring Plan

Automatic gates

We can install and maintain electric, automatic gates for your home or business.

We don’t believe you have to comprise on style or on the mechanism that you have fitted.

There are range of gates available and we can help you choosing the right set from the numerous designs available.

Came Gates

Electric gates can bring convenience and security to your life, whether it be in a domestic or commercial setting.

No matter what the size of your property there is an electronic automatic gate to match.

Not only do these gates provide security for your property, they also allow you the increased security of remaining in your vehicle at all times when entering or leaving your property.

Wiring Plan

Peter Willis
Southern Electrical Installations carried out a domestic wiring job for me and I’d highly recommend their work.
Peter Willis


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